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Summer is just a bit yellow

Posted in hoodie, men by Domino on February 12, 2009

Yellow is summer, so why not get a head-start on the sunshine of summer with this long sleeve yellow hoodie.

ASOS Tipped Zip-Through

ASOS Tipped Zip-Through

at the moment you can get if for only £17.75 at

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You need a little bit of H&M spring love!

Posted in skirt, women by Domino on February 11, 2009

Yes we all need some H&M spring love, this amazing skirt is just that. Wauw the colors, they are just super cool, i don’t even know how to describe them they are life light pink, cream white and grey/green

H&M skirt

H&M skirt

the skirt can be yours for only 79.75 DKK(if you live in scandinavia) check it out af H&M

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The scent of gold

Posted in men, perfume by Domino on February 11, 2009

This is another of the essential perfumes you need in your bathroom. you need to go downtown right now! and try it out

paco rabanne 1million

paco rabanne 1million

it can be yours  for only 30.00 @

Would you wear a leaf to brunch?

Posted in dress, women by Domino on February 10, 2009

Wow, have you seen this beauty full black cactus dress? no… okay but check it out, it’s a well balance of crazy and perfect, with it’s pink cactus leaf, black background and block dots. it just the perfect dress for a lunch or brunch with the friends downtown.

Cactus Dress by French Connection

Cactus Dress by French Connection

it can be yours for only £85.00, get it at French Connection

You need a little Hooded, right?

Posted in men, t-shirt by Domino on February 10, 2009

we all need a hooded, so check this great piece out. it’s lovely


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Limited Editions are the best

Posted in bag, men by Domino on February 9, 2009

One of the best thing in the world are limited edition items, as you know that not everyone will have the same thing as you.

So checkout this  super cool red and yellow “Roy of the Rovers” Gola bag,

this bag is the perfect companion on any trip around town.

it can be your for only £25.00 @

Limited Edition, Gola 'Roy of the Rovers' Bag

Limited Edition, Gola 'Roy of the Rovers' Bag


Just a suit for summer

Posted in men, suit by Domino on February 8, 2009

i have for a long time been on the lookout for a unusual  suit i have finally found it. i would describe it as a mix between a traditional suit and a modern trench-coat.

found it a Banana Republic, it’s a two part  navy blue suit

The timeless double-breasted design boasts an elevated slimmer fit for an undeniably smart silhouette.BR Monogram is defined by remarkably rich fabrics, distinctive details and a modern, leaner fit. Available in limited quantities.

fabric & care
  • 100% Wool.
  • Dry clean.
  • Imported.
  • Slimmer fit.
  • BR black label indicates that this is part of our premier Banana Republic Monogram Collection.
  • Peaked lapel, six-button closure.
  • Four exterior pockets, two interior pockets.
  • Four button cuffs, double back vent.
  • Fully lined.
  • Pair with our coordinating BR Monogram wool nail-head suit pant, style 619689, for a complete suit.

BR Monogram wool double-breasted nail-head suit

BR Monogram wool double-breasted nail-head suit

the suit blazer $425.00 and the suit pant $198.00

check’it out over at

The Scent of sex

Posted in men, perfume by Domino on February 6, 2009

It’s rarely i find a perfume/cologne that is super good, but Fierce from Abercrombie & Fitch it just that sins i bought it a couple of month ago i have been wearing it almost everyday, i always call it the store scent as, every Abercrombie & Fitch are covered with this scent.

yes this is a must have item for the bathroom.

FIERCE’s scent is an immediate attention getter and rightly so. Its fresh citrus aroma is the first aspect she’ll notice because of its clean, poised attitude. However, it’s FIERCE’s warm musky subtleness that will naturally draw her curiosity because of its seductive nature.

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

you can buy it at any Abercrombie & Fitch store, it’s $40 for 1.0 O.z or $70 for 3.4 O.z

Tis the time for pirates

Posted in dress, women by Domino on February 6, 2009

So spring is suppose to come to northern Europa pretty soon(i hope),

With spring we always get those ridiculous pirate fashion elements, often they are just hideous. But not this dress i think it’s a well balanced mix of pirate, beach and modern minimalism.

Rays dress

Rays dress

you can get the dress from French Connection for only £85.00


Posted in men, t-shirt by Domino on February 5, 2009

this must be the coolest “i love something” T-shirt i have ever seen and they have 4 different kind. but then again you would expect perfection from a brand called “Supreme Being”and that what we are getting

think I’m just gonna buy them all then 😀

they are only £24.50 a peace from

check out more photos of the t-shirt by clicking the links below.